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et Oliva evolved from a passion for great food and a desire to share that food and drink with friends and family. We have traveled the Mediterranean visiting family and friends and everywhere we go, food is important. It is important in communities and it is important in sharing each other's stories and histories. As a chef and author, I am constantly searching for the meaning we all attribute to food and how it shapes our perception of our world.

The flavors of the Mediterranean are very close to us. Much of our family, and many of our friends, continue to call this region home. The flavors, while bright and ingredient focused, have complex histories that are enigmatic of a climate and people who continue to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We strive to create and bring these artisan flavors to your table. We want to transport you to the sun dappled shores of the aegean through every bite, so you can enjoy what makes these places so unique and special.
We are a small, independent LGBT owned and operated company. We are passionate about food security and social justice and through our continued work, we are striving to make impacts in local food systems here and abroad. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we like sourcing, producing, and eating them! Enjoy!

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