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On our adventures, sometimes we come across something very special. Our new products and discoveries come from all over the Mediterranean. We bring them, or make them, so you can enjoy them as much as we do. We are constantly changing and growing to be more inclusive of all sorts of flavors from the sun! We hope these new products will delight, tempt, and grace your table for your next get together. 


Fig & Olive Jam

Figs & olives have always complimented each other.  So we decided to combine them in this tasty jam! Our Fig and Olive Jam is perfect for charcuterie & cheese plates, sandwiches, and is wonderful paired with roasted meats. 

255g | 9 oz $12

Red Pepper Spread

Our Red Pepper Spread is a delicious addition to any mezze table. Fire roasted red peppers are combined with walnuts and spices to deliver a spicy, yet absolutely addictive, dip for pita bread, veggies or even just on it's own! 

255g | 9oz $12


Olive Tapenade

Delicate notes of thyme and orange compliment the full flavor of ripe kalamata olives in our tapenade. Our olive tapenade is subtle without being too overpowering and is perfect for, well, anything that needs that perfect hit of olive! 

255g | 9 oz $12

Lavosh olive oil and salt_edited_edited.
Lavosh Zaatar_edited.png

Turkish Lavosh Crackers

Our Turkish Lavosh Crackers are crispy, crunchy, and perfect paired with your favorite cheeses, spreads, and dips! They come in two varieties, Koroneiki Olive Oil & Sea Salt, as well as Za'atar & Sumac. 

Both of these crackers are sure to complete any mezze spread or are perfect right out of the bag! 

114g | 4 oz $8



Acidity: 0.33 | Lot: 58467 | Crop: Winter 2020/2021 | Polyphenol: 289

Olives and olive oil were the foundation of the Cretan economy.  The Minoan villa in Vathypetro, near Archanes, in the province of Heraklion, dates back to about 1500B.C.E. and includes a stone oil press.  Some experts maintain that a press in Phaistos is even older.  Even today, two-thirds of the island’s cultivable land is put to olives.

Olive farming in Crete remains based mainly on small traditional family owned plantations with a central community processor.  Strict discipline ensures that the olives are healthy, picked at the optimum moment, and delivered to the processors at the end of each day’s harvesting. 


Flavor Profile: Reminiscent of the olive tree’s wood, the greenness of its leaves, with soft herbal notes. Intense with the variety’s characteristic soft ending and touch of sweetness.

$22 375ml | 12,68 oz

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