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İsrail Patlıcan Salatası

Updated: May 11, 2023

Israeli Eggplant Salad

There is something about aubergines I just really love. When they are cooked they turn soft and buttery and go perfectly with many different applications. There are several varieties of eggplant, ranging from deep purple - almost black really - to the white ghost variety. They also come in many sizes and shapes and are really rather easy to grow on a sunny patio (just be careful of aphids - for some reason, aphids always find a way).

This salad is perfect as a side dish or with other #mezze on the patio - here is what you need:

prep time: 1 hr 30 minutes

cooking time: 10-15 minutes

serves 2-4 along with other sides

1 Japanese eggplant - sliced into 3/4" coins on a bias

1 green cubano or poblano chili, cut into 1/8" strips

1 small shallot, sliced thinly

safflower oil or other light oil for frying

1 tsp of za'atar

juice of 1/2 lemon

  1. start of by soaking your eggplant in heavily salted water for 1 hour - this releases some of the bitterness - pat dry afterwards

  2. bring oil up to a shimmer and test that it is hot by dipping a small piece of bread in it. If it sizzles, it's good to go.

  3. deep fry eggplant in the hot oil until it turns a nice caramel brown color, about 10 minutes or so, depending on the heat of your oil. Remove and drain on paper towels. Add peppers and fry for a minute or two until the skin blisters. Drain on paper towels

4. combine eggplant, peppers, and sliced shallots in a serving dish, squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lemon over it and top with the Za'atar blend.

Serve warm or cold

And thats it guys - easy

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