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Wholesale Inquiries

at et Oliva We love working with other retailers to bring our product to market - Please see our terms below and fill out the form. We will contact you back directly and set your account up.

  • ​There are no MOQs for smaller retailers. However, with retailers of five or more stores, there is an MOQ of at least three cases per store, any combination. We will also provide volume discounts to new stores that sign up. Please contact us for those details.

  • We do not break up cases or send partial cases. All cases come with 12 units .

  • We will invoice you with the email we have on file. We only accept electronic payments, no checks. All invoices are DUE ON RECEIPT until payment history can be established with et Oliva. We only extend net 10, 2% or net 30 terms. Once an account matures past 30 days, a late fee will be assessed at 10% of the balance, after 90 days, another fee and collection activity will commence. Please pay your invoices on time.

  • We do bill for all shipping and ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx

  •  If product arrives damaged, please let us know within the week you received it. Take a picture and send it to us, we will gladly replace all damaged product free of charge. Beyond this week timeframe, we cannot guarantee a replacement.

  • Once we schedule a call, we will require your EIN number / W9 information to get things set up and orders processed.

  • By filling out the below form, you acknowledge and consent to the terms above.

wholesale inquiries

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