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Welcome to the et Oliva Recipe Post!

Updated: May 11, 2023

Hello All, and welcome!

I wanted to start out and give a bit of context as to what this blog is about. My purpose is to inform, educate and inspire everyone to get in their kitchen and cook something fantastic! I realize with everyone's busy schedules , we need to connect now more than ever. The very best ways to connect in my opinion is with.......FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!

None of these recipes require any complicated equipment or ingredients. Usually with a well stocked kitchen, you can make most of them. However, one thing that I always find helpful is to have a notebook or a journal to write down my recipes. These wonderful little things become a record of things you cook in real time. They become spattered with wine and who knows what. Anyway, these are essential - find a good one.

I will try to post three times a week and they will all drop on a Monday. I was initially thinking that there would be a "Wednesday" recipe and a "Friday" recipe. What do I mean by this? Well, a "Wednesday" recipe is a recipe that is good for any day of the week and doesn't require a huge shopping list, or extensive prep time. A "Friday" recipe is one that is better suited for when you have a bit of time on your hands and want to devote a day on your weekend to cook something amazing (most of the recipes wont take a day, but I think you get my point). However, the overall implementation of this has been challenging. Especially when there is a finicky 5 year old in the house! So, I had to make adjustments - take the recipes as you like them! There will also be third post on additional recipes that may compliment the Friday recipe or have some relevance during the week.

So, I think that is it! A little introduction to the blog ! - Now, lets get started - first step:

- let's go wash our hands.

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